First Bite: Beechwold Diner

Staff Writer
Columbus Alive

Remember Rube's Diner? Well, apparently lots of people do because this place -- occupying the old Rube's space on Indianola -- has been damn busy since opening a week ago. How is it? Well, everything Beechwold is Rube's again.

So from the menu to the fluffy ungreasy homefries to the breakfast-and-lunch-only hours to the old fave country omelet pictured above (thin egg envelope wrapped around sauteed sweet onions, American cheese and home fries) to even the omnipresent flavor of imitation butter, it's all a veritable Rube's Renaissance.

What's new? Well, the lack of a heavy, drifting fog of cigarette smoke a very welcome clean-up job, a beige-ish color scheme makeover (though workers wear bright red T-shirts) and some nifty black and white photos of old Columbus.

Not pictured but also tried were the chili (Wendy's-like), pork cutlets (good -- juicy and fork tender) and waffle fries (not greasy, crisp and golden brown).

Read more about it soon in Alive.