Lunch Break Links: Conan's refusal

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Columbus Alive

NBC late-night debacle got a lot more complicated when Conan O'Brien issued a statement in which he refused to accept a move to 12:05 a.m. And now Jay Leno may bail too because he doesn't like being painted as a villain in all of this. What's the Peacock gonna do then, promote Jimmy Fallon?

Or they could hire Jimmy Kimmel to impersonate Leno like he did last night.

A new Joanna Newsom album is coming next month.

Not so These Arms Are Snakes, who broke up.

Heidi Montag calls her new CD "timeless." Heh.

I agree with Slate: The NBA is being way too hard on Gilbert Arenas.

Here's a preview of Episodes, the new Matt LeBlanc meta-comedy coming to Showtime.

The Cure's Robert Smith will contribute solo tracks to the Alice in Wonderland soundtrack. I'm no Cure scholar, but is it blasphemous to suggest that the entire Cure catalog essentially amounts to Robert Smith solo tracks?

Paste counts down the 10 best film portrayals of God and the Devil.

Now I will officially contribute to Girls hype (even though I still think they're overrated) by posting their "Morning Light" video. I like the shoegaze feel of this one.