Snowfood, or What I Ate: Don Patron

Staff Writer
Columbus Alive

Don Patron in Clintonville (next to Lavash) was open when no one else was during the fearsome weekend blizzard of March '08 (which I rather enjoyed as routine-smashing events typically put people in slippery, holiday-like moods). So last Friday, when feeling bitten by the wind and swallowed by the snow, the affable and perfectly competent Don popped into my hoary mind. Pictured above are the Camarones (shrimp) Jarochos and Caribbean Chicken--both featuring a warm-you-up zesty sauce, a good bit of veggies (like yellow and green squashes) and a tangy cheese sauce (which I had to get on the side because it was forgotten in the kitchen). Both dishes were solid, relatively cheap and when consumed with a decent "Don Patron" margarita (with Don Patron tequila, Cointreau, lime and pineapple juices) helped instill a temporary illusion of warmer times and climes. Would I have gone to the just-down-the-street-from-me Don without the prompting of the snow? Maybe not, so thanks, winter.