New Bomb Turkish Delight, or What I Ate: Shish Kebab Mediterranean Grill

Staff Writer
Columbus Alive

Eat all you want of this colorful, calorie-lean, crunchy, fresh and fiber-rich bean, cuke and diced tomato salad enlivened by lemon juice, parsley and good (not salt bomby) shaved feta plus a smidgeon of red onion and nice kalamata olives.

Think chicken is too healthy and boring to order in a restaurant? Well, think again. This feeds-two-to-three platter features four delicious takes on chicken--none of which tastes the same. Three birdies show off Shish Kebab's prowess with the gril, and the fourth is a nifty, light and ungreasy schnitzel.

Adding to the bargain bonanza, the mammoth chicken platter came with a good (not lumpy or clumpy) rice and orzo side or... a highly seasoned (and more interesting) bulgar wheat pilaf or a non-afterthought carbo-stingy rendering of garlicky veggies. For a small upcharge, I got all 3--and hauled home a loving load of leftovers.

Shish Kebab is a place I've been enjoying and writing about for a long time. Well, the high-performing, big portioning and surprisingly affordable Turkish restaurant has lately undergone a slight change in its ownership and offerings (plus the BYOB policy has changed into full bar sevice, which includes Turkish beers and wines), and based on last night's absolutely terrific dinner, Shish Kebab has somehow gotten even better. Just look at all the super healthy and extremely fresh food we got which, BTW, was bursting with real Mediterranean flavors.

Expect a new Shish Kebab review semi-soon.