Ohio Adventure Map

Staff Writer
Columbus Alive

Ohio doesn’t have mountains, the ocean or a tropical rainforest. We’re short a desert, too. Oh, and a tundra.

Everything else you look for in the outdoors can be found in the Buckeye State. If you think there’s nothing out there, I’d advise trading the LaserDisc collection for a pair of sturdy shoes and taking a hike.

Since late 2007, Venture has been your premier guide to Ohio’s extensive outdoor offerings. You’ve seen my weekly write-ups, taken a few suggestions and maybe even clipped one for a weekend trip.

Now you have another tool to help you get outside -- the Ohio Adventure Map.

Nearly everything I’ve published during the past three years has been distilled into a handy interactive atlas, available here.

Stories, blog entries, trip guides, trail reviews and photo galleries map everything from Dayton to Dillon State Park, Toledo to the Hocking Hills. To make for easy searching, points are color-coded into six categories: hiking and backpacking, biking, fishing, birding and wildlife, water sports and extreme adventure.

You’ll find exclusive info about mountain-bike trails, zip-lines, camping spots, backpacking loops, fishing holes, water parks and botanical gardens. You’ll discover chances to hike old-growth forest, learn sailing, canoe spring-fed streams, bike up hills and tube back down.

Venture will continue each week, and new places featured in Alive will be added regularly, as will gear guides and other info.

The Ohio outdoors is now at your fingertips. Travel safe.