Lunch Break Links: Damon Albarn will write you a song for Haiti's sake

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Columbus Alive

Damon Albarn will write you a song if you donate to Haiti.

Speaking of Haiti benefits, Kanye West is conspicuously absent from the lineup of tonight's superstar Haiti telethon.

Slate wonders how MTV can possibly follow up Jersey Shore. Their suggestion: Massholes.

Prince penned a Minnesota Vikings fight song.

EW brings up a salient point: Aren't those of us who are "with Coco" but never actually watched Conan O'Brien's Tonight Show as much to blame for his exit as anybody?

And could we see Joel McHale hosting Tonight some day?

Vampire Weekend's No. 1 album doesn't seem quite so impressive with this context.

Grizzly Bear recorded a cover of Hot Chip's "Boy From School." Download it for free.

Has some new Daft Punk music leaked?

AV Club offers a gateway into the world of Northern soul.

The xx close out today's links with their video for "VCR."