Lunch Break Links: Live Nation & Ticketmaster, sittin' in a tree

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Holy crap this new Caribou song is awesome. Their latest, Swim, is out 4/20 on Merge.

And why not a new Joanna Newsom song too?

Doc Jensen's latest Lost column offers his thoughts on how it all might end. Only one week until the season premiere!

I'm not ecstatic about this Pavement greatest hits tracklist, but I'm glad they got the best stuff from Watery, Domestic and "Unseen Power of the Picket Fence." Strange deep cuts from Slanted and Crooked, though.

A Tribe Called Quest is reuniting again? Sweet.

"Weird" Al Yankovic has a development deal with Cartoon Network.

Tommy Mottola is in demand as a TV talent judge.

The New York Times has more evidence that Conan O'Brien's young fans screwed him over by not watching until it was too late. Here's the key component, I think: "Add to all the other issues the fact that Mr. O’Brien’s young fans did not really have to watch television to see him. His shows were made available later on Web sites like Hulu. And his best comedy bits would frequently be posted on other sites — and passed around by fans — shortly after they appeared."

Pitchfork lists 20 great Simpsons music moments.

We finish up with the Nice Nice video for "Everything Falling Apart."