The best gyro/shawarma in town? What I Ate: Shish Kebab Express

Staff Writer
Columbus Alive

Shish Kebab Express, which opened Thursday in the old Pesto site in the South Campus Gateway "mall," is owned by the Shish Kebab Turkish restaurant people. Well, as befits that impressive pedigree, the grub I tried there last night was terrific. Behold what might be the best gyro/shawarma-type sammie in town ($6). The secrets of its success are: it takes the mystery out of spit-carved mystery meat--this head-shakingly delicious stuff tastes like beautifully seasoned real-deal LAMB!; the soft, high quality roll gets a sexy, crust-producing pressing down its middle; the toppings are top-notch--tzatziki, superfresh garden fixins and hummus & pickles (if you're lucky); it is freakin' huge. Try it, love it, and remember, as usual, you heard it here first!

Look for a First Bite of Shish Kebab Express in an upcoming Alive!