Lunch Break Links: WTF Fever Ray

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Columbus Alive

Karin Andersson, aka Fever Ray, aka that lady from The Knife, gave quite the acceptance speech at a Swedish award show.

Rest easy: The cast of Jersey Shore is inching closer to coming back for a second season.

We've all had our fill of best-of-decade lists at this point, but Resident Advisor's list of the top hip-hop albums of the aughts ought to bring something new to the table.

Also: the worst hip-hop album covers of all time.

A new LCD Soundsystem album is coming soon? Hallelujah!

Which movie should Steve Carell make on his break from The Office?

Josh Schwartz (The OC, Chuck, Gossip Girl) is getting into the sitcom business.

EW lists the 15 worst TV spinoffs.

AV Club interviewed Nick Nolte, who is not Gary Busey.

They also talked to Los Campesinos!

Tim Tebow will appear in a controversial anti-abortion ad during the Super Bowl.

Lastly, here's Real Estate performing two hot tracks for on Pitchfork's Tunnelvision.