Local Love: Audion

Staff Writer
Columbus Alive

Note: This is the first of three Local Love features today spotlighting the bands that are reuniting tonight at Carabar, 115 Parsons Ave.

Audion was David Fowler and Paul Rentler. When the duo wasn't teaming with Mollie Wells in The Cinema Eye, they traded in post-punk in the vein of Les Savy Fav — vivacious enough to be gyration-friendly, but far too twitchy and abrasive to be considered dance music. With two men and many machines (including their trusty Moog), they made more ruckus than most bands with twice their membership.

I wasn't able to track down Fowler before my story was due this week, but he eventually shot me this text message: "We were both really excited to revive Audion and it was surprisingly easier than we expected."

I wasn't around for Audion's heyday, but this stuff takes me back to my college years anyway. It bums me out that music like this already sounds like the product of a bygone era — how old am I again? — but just because it feels a little dated doesn't mean it ain't marvelous. Check out "Panic List" at their MySpace page for proof.