Local Love: Mortimur

Staff Writer
Columbus Alive

Note: This is the second of three Local Love features today spotlighting the bands that are reuniting tonight at Carabar, 115 Parsons Ave.

I've always viewed Mortimur as "that instrumental band that came before Brainbow," but that's doing this crew a disservice.

Yes, Bobby Silver and Dave Barnes (and late-era addition Will Fugman) went on to play in the monolithic instrumental master force known as Brainbow, and yes, I like Brainbow better than I like Mortimur. But the former band carved out almost as distinct a personality: free-spirited prog punk that patched skittering drum patterns together with spindly riffs deployed at violent angles. It embodies Hella's brazen creativity crossed with Tortoise's maturity, restraint and grand artistic scope.

Of their MySpace offerings, I think "In the Valley of the Foothills" is my favorite because the intro riff reminds me of "Floods" by Pantera.