Lunch Break Links: Def Jux R.I.P.? Not exactly. Fall Out Boy R.I.P.? Maybe.

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El-P took to the interwebs to explain that Definitive Jux, underground rap's former gold standard record label, will cease to operate as a traditional label, though he intends to keep the brand alive in "exciting" new ways.

Also, Fall Out Boy might be breaking up.

So that Lost premiere was pretty insane, huh? Alan Sepinwall loved it, Slate hated it, and EW offered some insight from producers Damon Lindelof and Carlton Cuse. And of course Doc Jensen unfurled a massive, theory-heavy recap.

A bunch of music superstars remade "We Are the World" and "Everybody Hurts" for the benefit of Haiti. Take that, Paul Shirley!

Rupert Murdoch is pushing for an Avatar 2.

Who else is really excited about the prospect of Zach Galifianakis hosting SNL? It's happening March 6.

Bonnaroo this year will feature a headlining set by Paul Simon and Flaming Lips doing their version of Dark Side of the Moon.

Meanwhile, DIY promoter Todd P's festival in Mexico during SXSW is happening.

AV Club has an interview with Aziz Ansari.

We close out with Clipd Beaks' video for "Blood."