Field & Screen: Films About Our Food

Staff Writer
Columbus Alive

As my childhood friend Chuckie used to say, "I've been as busy as a rat in a cheese factory these days." (wonder whatever happened to that guy--I mean after reform school...). This is my way of lamely excusing myself for falling asleep at the rangetop and neglecting to alert you to a terrific looking month-long event wherein three of my favorite things things are having a harmonious convergence: food, movies and the Wexner Center.

Speaking of cheese factories--and other industrial/food-as-assembly-line commodity concerns--the point of this post is the Field and Screen series (subtitled: "Films About Our Food") which has already started at the Wex. If, like me, you boneheadedly were otherwise occupied with something that could've waited 'till later, you've missed Agnes Varda's (who's still compelling after all these years) moving movie called The Gleaners and I as well as an interesting-looking panel discussion that included our own ice cream queen, Jeni Britton.

Tonight the most talked about food-related movie of the year, Food, Inc is playing as part of a double feature. If you care about what goes into your (and your family's) mouth, you'll do well to check this series out. Movies start at 7 p.m.