Lunch Break Links: Stern as Idol judge?

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Columbus Alive

American Idol producers want Howard Stern to replace Simon Cowell when the British talent scout leaves the show after this season.

Relix has the first lengthy feature on the Pavement reunion.

Michael Chiklis is doing an ABC drama about an ordinary family that suddenly develops super powers. Friday Night Lights' Zach Gilford (Matt Saracen) is making the move to ABC too.

Vampire Weekend covering Rancid? Believe it.

The Daily Swarm presents the "Colts vs. Saints music Super Bowl."

Slate tackles the best and worst Super Bowl ads, while EW has the inside story of the David Letterman-Jay Leno ad.

Also, I can't believe they thought The Who's halftime show was any good. I'm campaigning for R. Kelly next year.

Speaking of Kells, he has many more chapters of "Trapped in the Closet" locked away for future release, if only fans would beg for them.

Spoon's "Written in Reverse" video wraps today's links.