New Local Thai, or, What I Ate: Thai Grille

Staff Writer
Columbus Alive

Every other week, it seems like a new Thai joint joins the burgeoning Columbus area restaurant scene--I hope that trend never ends. And I hope the next Thai to come along will be as promising as Thai Grille in Westerville, where I ate last weekend. The hook here is that the organic/local/sourced ingredient movement collides w/ real deal Thai. Not only was all of the food I tried here full of bright and fresh, healthy vegetables, but it was all full-flavored (some of it brazenly spicy hot!).

From the top: Puk soup--a meat-free, light brothed delight featuring trasparent soybean noodles and fragrant with ginger & shiitakes; loved these chive cakes made with pan-crisped dumpling dough stuffed with bright greens; drunken noodles--stir-fried veggies and fun-to-chow on chow fun-like fat and wide noodles played with seared pieces of tender chicken in a fiery/slightly sweet sauce; salmon in a green (Thai basil-y) sweet-side but spicy curry.

Anticipate a full review soon.