Lunch Break Links: "24" the movie?

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Columbus Alive

EW is reporting that a script for a "24" movie is in the works.

Speaking of serialized TV shows, they also have a new Doc Jensen column to preview tonight's episode of "Lost."

Lil Wayne's one-year prison term is expected to start today. Did anybody see The Carter? Dude is insane.

Jay Reatard's death was chalked up to alcohol and cocaine.

MGMT's new album is due out in April.

Speaking of new albums, does this L.A. "wrap party" mean Radiohead has a new record in the can?

AV Club talked to Magnetic Fields' Stephin Merritt about "the perverse art of love songs."

Karaoke can be a violent experience, apparently.

Of all the movies to "reboot," why "Mr. and Mrs. Smith"?

Sage Francis (haven't heard that name in a while...) is teaming with a bunch of indie rockers for his next album.

Which musician has performed on SNL more than any other? Dave Grohl.

Did the Air Force Reservesrip off The White Stripes for their Super Bowl ad?

We finish up with The Fresh & Onlys' video for "Vanishing Cream."