The Bringer of Blizzards, or, What I Ate: DC

Staff Writer
Columbus Alive

Know how some people seem to have a black cloud following them around? Well lately, it seems like I have a blizzard on my heels. For example, two weeks ago, I flew to the DC/B-more area for fun and the day I arrived in DC, the weather was so sunny and nice, it almost looked fake, don't you think ? Before I left, though, all that would change.

These mussels flexed a mighty flavor--they were cooked with a Belgian-style ale and a housemade spicy sausage, and served with crisp polenta fries.

Lovely buns and sashimi grade tuna made these mini-burgers "slyder" down with great pleasure.

What made this Chicago-style dog special was that everything--from bun to mild Viennese style frankfurter (the real Vienna, not a Chi-towner "Vienna beef"er) was made in-house.

I did some sightseeing and museuming at SAAM, where there was a bitingly witty and American-culture-critiquing Lee Friedlander photo show called "Monument" (it was cleverly curated with texts mounted "monument style"), then moved on to Penn Quarter's Oyamel for my next drink and snack. During their terrific happy hour (maybe the best in town), these rockin' tacos are just $2 apiece.

I love brussels sprouts, especially when cooked to very dark and thus bringing out some nutty, natural sweetness.

This delicious quail was recommended by our bartenders. It lived up to its promise.

This was the scene the very next day:

The photo's not blurry or dark -- those are snowflakes. If you look very closely, you'll see the Washington Monument in the background. BTW, that day, the weather was great in C-bus. But the very day after I returned home, it got--well, hell, just look out your window!