Local Love: Speed Governor

Staff Writer
Columbus Alive

Speed Governor (aka SPD GVNR) is Nick La Russo, Chris McConnell and Justin Hemminger, with whom I've occasionally teamed while sitting in with The Kyle Sowashes. This band trades in the same sort of sounds as the Sowashes — 1990s-style indie rock dominated by crunching guitars and strained exclamations — with lyrics just as earnest but not nearly as charmingly goofy.

The group's new Steve Albini-produced (sorry, Steve Albini-recorded) 7-inch "Grant Park Compact" hearkens back to a time when indie rockers could still wear their hearts on their sleeves without piling on an orchestra's worth of epic arrangement. I wrote a few more words on it for tomorrow's paper in preparation for Saturday's release show at The Treehouse, 887 Chambers Rd., with Ghost Shirt and Mount Carmel. Hear the music ahead of time at MySpace.