V-Day Restaurant Foods to Put You in the Mood, or, This Week with G.A. Benton

Staff Writer
Columbus Alive

Love is in the air--and on plates--as Valentine's Day fast approaches. This week in Alive, I highlighted several eateries that wear their hearts on their cuisines, and one of them was Giuseppe and Lola's Trattoria (as with most Italian words, please stress the penultimate syllable!). G & L's is a fun little place right across the street from the Gahanna Grill run by a very amusing, very interested-to-know-their-clientele and very eccentric old married couple. Their Italian food is great, and eating there is a gas.

Okay, time to get to the heart of the matter: you can read a full review of G & L's in the just-released issue of This Week. I wrote it -- and in fact am taking over as primary restauarant reviewer for This Week. I'll still be holding that same position at the Alive, so the main difference is that now you can get a weekly dose of me in two publications (don't you feel lucky? Oh, come on now!). If one of these papers doesn't make to a location near your doorstep, you can always check it out online here.