Lunch Break Links: Iain Burgess R.I.P.

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Columbus Alive

Punk royalty Iain Burgess has died. R.I.P.

So did Doug Fieger of The Knack, who succumbed to cancer over the weekend. R.I.P.

Sounds like Google Buzz, Google's new alternative to Facebook and Twitter, made a pretty big privacy blunder.

Slate wonders what happened to the angry, powerful female rockers of the 90s.

Jimmy Fallon did a nine-minute parody of "Lost" called "Late."

EW has an update on which shows are likely to be renewed or canceled for next season.

AV Club lists 11 fictional characters assigned questionable music taste by the show's creators: "Buffy wouldn’t listen to Widespread Panic."

Whoa, Stephen Colbert is covering the Olympics for NBC?

We wrap today's links with The Antlers' video for "Bear."