What I Ate: Valentine's Day at Alana's

Staff Writer
Columbus Alive

Alana's is only open on Sundays for special occasions--Valentine's Day qualified. And the special meal deal offered there last Sunday (which I smartly took advantage of: two full-sized courses plus some Jeni's to end things on for $30, i.e. a steal ) was the bargain of the month. I know the photos aren't the best, but that's what happens in romantic lighting. Above are falafels "Alana-ized" i.e. made out of quinoa and slathered in a creamy dill walnut sauce; the textures were fun to chomp on.

This venison and currant chili relleno was lean and spicy and came with creamy bechamel and spicy sun-dried tomato sauces for a winning 1-2 punch.

I loved this rich Lump Crab Louis "A la Galatoires" -- it was a hugely generous serving of very good crabmeat dressed in what tasted like mayonnaise made with olive oil. I would eat this every day if I could!

Chicken's usually something best eaten at home, but when I read on the menu that it was "Alana's Favorite," I figured it would be worth ordering on a celebratory occasion--I was right. What made it special was its Amish provenance (meaning it was fresh and sweet tasting) and the deep, deep flavor of its drinkable broth.

This huge and delicate slab of beautiful ruby trout was nestled between an oh-so comforting bed of smashed yukons and celeriac and the light covering of a snappy and perky apple relish--loved that yin/yang thing going on. You shouldn't wait 'till next Valentine's Day to experience Alana's great cooking (and brilliant, retail- priced wine list), but if you do, reserve a table well in advance, because the place was packed. See you there!