Lunch Break Links: Obsessed with Lost?

Staff Writer
Columbus Alive

I'm kind of obsessed with reading "Lost" recaps after last night's tremendous episode. Perhaps you'd enjoy them too? Try Slate, AV Club, Alan Sepinwall, Mo Ryan, and of course, Doc Jensen. (And you wondered why these links are up later than normal today...)

Snooki is trying to trademark her name.

Wait, The Vatican's newspaper published a top 10 list of the greatest rock albums of all time?

The coroner is ruling Alexander McQueen's death a suicide.

Kevin Eubanks seems to be parting ways with Jay Leno.

Is there really a market for "Erector Set: The Movie"?

Slate's "The Big Money" argues that The Beatles caused the health care crisis.

Kind of a strange development in interactive marketing: Carly Simon is asking fans to submit videos for "You're So Vain."

This could be pretty cool: A Jimi Hendrix edition of "Rock Band" is coming soon.

Boatload of good AV Club stuff today: Random Roles with Vivica A. Fox, an interview with Mission of Burma's Peter Prescott, another interview with George Clinton and a feature on literary works that should never be adapted for the screen again.

Lastly, Golden Triangle's video for "Neon Noose." Mark your calendars; they're coming to Cafe Bourbon Street March 9.