Lunch Break Links: Whoa, MGMT

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Columbus Alive

MGMT's new album cover is bonkers, eh? Boing Boing talked to artist Anthony Ausgang about it.

The nominees for Best Original Song will no longer perform at the Oscars starting this year.

EW has a first look at its new "Lost" cover story. Also: Another former cast member is coming back.

Quite a bizarre supergroup is brewing under the name GAYNGS: Bon Iver's Justin Vernon, P.O.S., members of Megafaun and The Rosebuds and more.

"American Idol" still gets better ratings than the Olympics? Really?

Slate wonders: Do spies and assassins really wear fake beards?

Animal Collective is coming to the Guggenheim.

Tiger Woods is giving a live press conference at 11 a.m. Friday.

Liars' exciting clip for "Scissor" caps today's links. I'd have to say this video "rocks." Thanks, I'll be here all week.