Local Love: Gold Circle

Staff Writer
Columbus Alive

Gold Circle - "Ceiling" - Feb.19, 2010 from Atomic Ned on Vimeo.

Friday night at Cafe Bourbon Street, Chip Midnight took some lo-fi video of Gold Circle, the new project from Kevin Elliott and Andy Hampel, formerly of boisterous melodic rock masters 84 Nash. Elliott's official statement is that this new project "has no connection to 84 Nash -- except that both were formed in the backwoods of South Western Miami County." But considering it features two founding members of the Nash, and the above clip sounds exactly like the Nash, those claims seem pretty questionable.

However they want to spin it, I'm looking forward to seeing them soon, especially with the promise of more members in the fold for future shows. "Band for Hire" and "A Secret Reward" are two of my favorite albums of all time, and I got into 84 Nash too late to see them live during their glory days, so the prospect of these guys creating music again is pretty exciting.