Dining with the Stars--now with pictures!

Staff Writer
Columbus Alive

After five gorgeous platefuls of brazenly rich and ridiculously delicious food, I began to break a sweat, suck wind and go weak at the knees. Then I began thinking about Apolo Ohno, Lindsey Vonn, Shaun White and Evan Lysacek and the sacrifice, stamina and focus necessary to achieve greatness. By the time I polished off plate number 15 with a triumphant slurp of Champagne (the real stuff!), I was humming The Star Spangled Banner and looking for a podium where I could claim my gold.

No, it wasn’t the Food Olympics, but it was close. Actually it was Dining With The Stars, a fantastic charity event held last Monday evening to benefit the hospice and palliative care program at Nationwide Children’s Hospital. As usual, the 13th-annual Dining With the Stars was held at Spagio and it was sold out.

Read the full story here, complete with bios of the famous, award winning chefs who came into town to work their magic (which meant lots of decadent proteins with intense broths or sauce smears--many on the sweet side-- balanced out by brisk, tart and crisp salad-y greens). Photos below.

(not pictured--oops: Mike Sheerin's Duck Prosciutto and Razor Clam Country Pate, Shawn McClain's Peeky-toe Crab with Pickled Pepper and Sweet Potato Broth, and John Hogan's Duck Dumplings in Consumme with Asian Spices)