Lunch Break Links: Thom Yorke's solo band = Atoms for Peace

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Columbus Alive

Thom Yorke's solo band is now known as Atoms for Peace.

Horrible (and horribly entertaining) news: Howard Stern is organizing a beauty pageant featuring Tiger Woods' mistresses.

Craig Ferguson experimented with simplicity on Tuesday night's show: One guest, no audience, all conversation.

LCD Soundsystem's next album is in the bag (pending mastering). Great news for "Sound of Silver" obsessives like myself.

Paste lists 16 genre-defying covers. (Eight of them are fake.)

"Paranormal Activity" seems destined to become not just a one-off but a horror franchise. Slashfilm lists Paramounts choices to direct the sequel.

Fifteen years after "Jagged Little Pill", Intensities in Ten Suburbs looks back on Alanis Morissette's heyday. (Why not?)

You can always count on Anton Newcombe to say something outrageous — or rather many things outrageous — in interviews. (Shout out to my homey Blake Gillespie, who conducted said interview.)

Lastly, I was going to embed Tracy Morgan and Jimmy Kimmel's music video, "Impregn8ed", but you can just go here if you want to see it. (Not as funny as I'd hoped.) Instead, why not enjoy "Dragon's Lair" by Sunset Rubdown?