Local Love: Starving Goliath

Staff Writer
Columbus Alive

I met Starving Goliath when they were precocious teens, winners of The Dispatch's high school battle of the bands. I remember checking them out at Bernie's and being blown away by what an effective alt-rock outfit they'd assembled at such a young age. It was fun to watch them develop an increasingly respected local profile and score sweet gigs like the Warped Tour.

At one point it seemed like they had a chance to bust out of Columbus and gain some significant national attention. But of course, childhood friends grow up and grow apart, and so Starving Goliath disbanded before their superb second album, "Nuclear Rocket," ever saw the light of day. Thankfully drummer Forest Christenson posted the record to his Bandcamp page, offering a glimpse of a musically adventurous bunch of teens grounded in stellar musicianship and pop tradition. It's just a good, solid rock record, you know? Nothing awe-inspiring, but mighty enjoyable.

In case you're wondering about their recent activities:

Guitarist John Also Bennett books Skylab Gallery and seems to have his hand in every experimental art and sound happening in the city. (His "Chord of Columbus" project debuts tonight.)

Guitarist Garth Shack has been playing Incubus-inspired solo acoustic sets and recently completed a debut album for release next month.

Christenson recently ended electro-pop band The Alphabet (formerly Pretty Balanced), performs solo as Solarist and is heavily involved with numerous other projects such as Anna and the Annadroids.

Not sure what Bens Branstetter and Kile have been up to, but if this "Nuclear Rocket" is their swan song, they have nothing to be ashamed of.