Local Love: Orchestraville

Staff Writer
Columbus Alive

Orchestraville hasn't been active since 2004, but with so much quality unreleased music, the exquisite "avant pop" combo is clearing the vaults this year and prepping for a few reunion gigs. I've really been feeling the nine-year-old EP "Invent the Machine," the first of two releases the band is dusting off for proper release. These five songs, recorded in 2001, represent the band's last work with guitarist Matt Duckworth.

I'm hoping to run a full review soon, but in the meantime, have a listen for yourself at Bandcamp. Anyone who digs delicate, literate pop tunes with biting wit and a keen sense of melody ought to jump at this stuff. It's streaming for free and available for $5 digital download. Look for the band's swan song, "Poison Berries," this fall.