Restaurant Meltdown, The Korea Syndrome or What I Ate: Arirang

Staff Writer
Columbus Alive

My dog, who loves to relax in the sun as much as she loves to mimic me, is copying my "open wide and dig in" feeding face. She was watching me dive into leftovers from the place I'm about to describe.

These are wonderfully crispy and delicious Korean style savory "pancakes" (like lovely, thickish, pan-crisped eggy crepes) made with scallions and "green soybeans". They were a steal for $4!

This is a fiery chicken stew w/ potatoes & peppers floating in an incendiary chili oil sauce & served furiously boiling at an eye-popping thermonuclear temperature!

Not pictured was an even hotter soft tofu & seafood soup. The reason that one's not shown is because its luridly red broth melted a hole through the stone bowl that momentarily contained it. The soup then dissolved a portion of the table and burnt its way through the restaurant's floor on its way toward the earth's core--a la the China Syndrome.

Only in this case, it was more like the Korea Syndrome, as all of the very, very good food described is from Arirang, a great little Korean eatery tucked away in the back of an Asian grocery store. The place is spartan but spotless, cooks terrific food and provides excellent values. Expect a full review in the near future. (BTW, of course I was kidding about that seafood soup, but it was really, really hot--and delicious!)

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