Dine Originals Week: Rigsby's

Staff Writer
Columbus Alive

Monday nights, Rigsby's features oysters for $1 apiece and I finally got to take advantage of that tremendous deal. Hell, yeah! Hope to see you there next week...but, please, don't destroy the natural pure ocean flavor of oysters with a bunch of gunk--just a dab of the bracing mignonette provided will do fine.

The rest of this week, you can still get a good deal via Rigsby's $30.10 Dine Originals Week menu. I did that last night.

This lovely Fisherman's salad w/ super tender squid & scallops was like Italian ceviche.

The lively Bibb salad had a potent parmesan dressing.

These skewered shrimp had a deep char on their tails that permeated the meat which was sweet, herby & lemon zesty. Underneath, a cannellini bean salad provided a contrapuntal, earthy heft.

The delicate housemade ravioli stuffed with spinach and sausage were likely the biggest hit of the evening.

Gotta love a light Italian style cheesecake, and we did. Perking it up were almonds and essence of orange.

Though this was called an apple streudel, its phyllo-like crust held at least as many raisins. As good as it was on its own, it became that much better when eaten "a la mode".

Each three-course meal came with an unpictured quartino of vino, making for very nice, well-rounded--if on the light side--meals.