Lunch Break Links: Conan tour is on!

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Columbus Alive

Conan O'Brien's tour is officially happening. Unfortunately, so far he's not booked anywhere close to Columbus.

Now this seems rather crass: A "Wizard of Oz" remake could be in the works.

And speaking of crass, The New York Times talked to Trey Parker and Matt Stone about "South Park"'s upcoming 200th episode.

Will those Barbie dolls ruin the "Mad Men" mystique?

The Daily Swarm has an interview with Gil Scott-Heron.

Beck roped St. Vincent, Liars and Os Mutantes into his latest "record club" recording session. Whatever they recorded should be tremendous.

DMX is in trouble with the law again.

EW lists the 10 best shows on TV now, with a surprising choice at No. 1.

88-year-old Betty White has officially signed on to host SNL May 8.

ABC is the latest news outlet to seriously investigate Juggalo culture.

Paste has five reasons to believe Big Boi's solo album might actually be coming out soon.

Lastly, I'm quite fond of "Terrible Love," the new song The National debuted on "Fallon" last night. Have a listen.