Lunch Break Links: Parental Advisory extinction?

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Columbus Alive

Good question: Whatever happened to Parental Advisory stickers?

Katherine Heigl has likely made her final bow on "Grey's Anatomy," though nobody realized it at the time.

David Fincher's 3-D animated "Heavy Metal" project sounds intriguing.

In honor of the new "Tron" movie, how many video game titles can you spot in this cityscape?

Slash insists he didn't play on Michael Jackson's "Black or White," calling the guitar part "gay."

Vulture talked to Jon Hamm about "Mad Men" and more.

"Lost" apparently has a lot to learn about dynamite.

Apparently "The Hurt Locker" director Kathryn Bigelow was a punk in the 80s.

So... what happens to the star of "Precious" now? Is her film career over?

We finish with Yeasayer's latest video, "O.N.E.", a visually stunning, conceptually WTF stimulation platter ("Fader" calls it "flourescent sci-fi") that features touring member Ahmed Gallab, aka Sinkane. Dude's had quite the journey since we adorned him with Bands to Watch status two years back.