Lunch Break Links: South Park takes on Tiger

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Columbus Alive

Uh oh, get ready for "South Park" to take on Tiger Woods.

Larry David says there's a "pretty good chance" he'll make an eighth season of "Curb Your Enthusiasm." (Pretty, pretty, pretty good?) I love the thought of more "Curb," but it's hard to picture a better ending for the series than the way last year's yarn wrapped up.

One show that definitely doesn't need another season: "24". NBC might pick it up anyway if Fox cancels.

Whoa! Did Wyclef Jean really pay his mistress $105,000 through his Haiti charity?

Ryan Adams made a metal album.

Pixar made a 2D/3D short film that's "unlike anything (they've) done before."

Speaking of Britain, heard about PETA's war on electronic musician Matthew Herbert?

Digital sales have officially outpaced CD sales.

On a related note, the showbiz industry is lobbying harder than ever for legal action against illegal downloaders.

AV Club talked to Scott Hutchison of Frightened Rabbit.

Actor Peter Graves ("Airplane!", "Mission Impossible") died at age 83. R.I.P.

We finish with the video for "Let Go" by jj. They'll be at the Wexner Center April 5 with The xx (no lie).