KFC Dreaming

Staff Writer
Columbus Alive

On a dog walk around my Clintonville-ish neighbodhood today, I was greeted by this sight.

Now that the place is abandoned and its menus have been reduced to blank slates, I suppose only grease-streaked ghosts roam its grim corridors.

No more disembodied otherworldly voices will issue false assurances of correct orders from this drive-thru speaker.

Now that this underperforming colonel has been court-martialed out of the service of feeding locals, maybe a new officer will take his place. Here are a few wishes:

How about Skillet North, an outpost of the brilliant Merion Village operation? This building's bigger than the original, and the new owners could even offer an actually delicious chicken dinner in homage to its predecessor;

Or El Colonel, a Starliner Diner spinoff with Latinized and considerably upgraded takes on the comfort food cuisine of its former occupant;

Or Sage Express, a daytime short-order version of the terrific place just down the street;

Or General Lessner's Delicious Chicken, a chicken shack done in the fun and funky style of Ms. Liz's operations.

What would you like to see replace this KFC? And can anyone out there help make something like this happen? Soon?