What To Do Thursday: Tinsel Teeth and Sharif

Staff Writer
Columbus Alive

In the words of John Locke (the character, not the philosopher): There are two sides. One is dark, one is light.

For the loud and proud among you, I present Tinsel Teeth, a profane Providence art-punk band (think a more miscreant take on Pretty Girls Make Graves) that promises to make your brain boil. Judging from this very-NSFW band photo they're not for the faint of heart. Trancey Trance, Biff Boff Barf, Taterbug and Mulan Serrico. 9 p.m., $5 at Skylab, 57 E. Gay St.

On the fluffier side of things, Rumba Cafe, 2507 Summit St., welcomes NPR-friendly folk pop practitioner Sharif. He's straight out of the Old 97s/Ryan Adams mold but without any sort of discernable grit. Not recommended, but he is playing with feisty locals Maza Blaska plus a new Athens indie supergroup called Manor Animals, so your $5 will still be worth it. 9 p.m. start, I believe.