Lunch Break Links: The Libertines reunite

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Columbus Alive

Troubled, talented garage rockers The Libertines plan to reunite for the British festival circuit this summer.

In honor of "Hot Tub Time Machine," EW revisits the jacuzzi's history in pop culture. Love that Jim Carrey SNL sketch.

Meanwhile, AV Club appreciates actors' winking nods to past characters, e.g. Neil Patrick Harris staring into the distance, Doogie Howser-style, on How I Met Your Mother.

Devendra Banhart canceled some shows after breaking his leg skateboarding. I wonder if any of them were in a dumpster on 32nd Street?

PopMatters wonders if your mother is a closet hipster.

The New York Times explains why 24 had to go.

Harry Potter's very own theme park is open now at Universal Studios Orlando.

Hate to see musicians getting robbed. This time it was chillwave star Toro y Moi.

They're making a sequel to "Eastern Promises"? Never pegged that one as a franchise.

We end with Erykah Badu's provocative new clip for "Window Seat", which finds the soul singer stripping nude on the street. Don't worry, folks at work; it's all pixelated. According to EW, Badu credits this Matt & Kim video for inspiration.