Lunch Break Links: Even more MGMT mania

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Columbus Alive

We already had one MGMT post today, but how can I not lead with their monstrous "Flash Delirium" video? Watch it above or in higher resolution at their site, where you can still stream new LP "Congratulations" in all its perplexing glory.

EW remembers 24 timeless 24 moments. I wish they would have included the time when Jack shot that dude's wife in the kneecap.

I can't believe unheard Rolling Stones tracks still exist, but they'll be included on the new reissue of "Exile on Main Street".

Slate's great tech columnist Farhad Manjoo breaks down the Viacom vs. Google/YouTube lawsuit.

First Oprah gets her own cable network, now Martha Stewart?

Overseas music fans have raved about Spotify, the latest, greatest way to listen to music online. Is it finally coming to the U.S.?

Jon Heder (you know, Napoleon Dynamite) dropped out of Will Ferrell's Comedy Central series mere days before it was set to begin shooting.

Another "Godzilla" remake? Really?

The Guardian introduces us to some of the world's scariest bouncers.

Lastly, another new music video for you, this one from Titus Andronicus, who'll follow their Used Kids in-store with an April 22 gig at The Summit. It's called "A More Perfect Union".