Lunch Break Links: Liars, Lolla, iPad and more

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Columbus Alive

Pitchfork talked to the director of Liars' sick "Scissor" video, which I've embedded again above.

The Daily Swarm wonders: What does the iPad mean for music?

Speaking of technology: Is our tech moment like hip-hop in 1985?

Lollapalooza is being a bit too coy about announcing its 2010 lineup. Just get on with it, folks.

EW talked to Matt & Kim about inspiring Erykah Badu's nude exploits in her new music video.

Anna Paquin came out as a bisexual, which probably inspired all sorts of fantasies among "True Blood" fanboys.

Good news for our generation: Staring at TV, phone and computer screens doesn't hurt your vision after all.

The Peabody Awards announced their annual honorees.

John Gotti Jr. is preparing to tell his story of growing up in the mob with a book, documentary and feature film.

Paste lists five actors with their own record labels.

David Mills, one of the writers behind "The Wire" and HBO's new "Treme", died of a brain aneurysm. R.I.P.

Finally, here's Fool's Gold's video for "Nadine". Remember, this L.A. afro-pop band features The Sun's Brad Caulkins.