Local Love: Marvin the Robot

Staff Writer
Columbus Alive

Most folks in the Columbus music scene have encountered Miles Curtiss, the jovial fellow behind the off-kilter indie rock project Marvin the Robot (above, center). If you haven't met him, you've probably heard his contagious/obnoxious hyena laugh, an indispensable part of Columbus lore. His kind-hearted exuberance is nearly as legendary — an all-around sweet dude, to be sure.

So when word got around Saturday night that somebody stabbed Curtiss outside Cafe Bourbon Street, 2216 Summit St., the collective reaction was a perplexed WTF. Thankfully, Curtiss survived the attack and spent the early part of this week resting up at OSU hospital.

At this point, he's been discharged from the hospital and is recovering at home. He logged into the Done Waiting forum to thank his friends for an outpouring of support. Meanwhile, reports suggest suspect Anthony Porter, who allegedly attacked Curtiss with a utility knife while Curtiss was hanging out with Porter's ex-girlfriend, turned himself in Tuesday night.

Whether or not justice is served in this case, we can all breathe a sigh of relief that Miles and his laugh are still with us.