A Real Bell-Ringer, or, What I Ate: Huntington Park

Staff Writer
Columbus Alive

This was the view from my great, behind-homeplate seats (thanks, Ray!) at our beautiful ballpark last night just before game time.

Note the compelling contrast as day slipped into night--and how the park and our city are flatteringly showcased here both under sun and electric lights.

You don't have to settle for just beer here, either. This refreshing Tanqueray 10 was a not overly gouge-y $7.50 (I think)--I bought it at the bar in the outfield.

The day after dime-a-dog Mondays is always a good time to see a Clippers game as all the lines and ambitious cheapskates have already come and gone--this sign in the outfield bar hints at the feeding frenzy servers had to deal with the previous night!

I'm a big fan of the surprisingly spicy and juice-popping (ok, grease) piggy pepper bomb sold in the left field Bob Evans stand called the Jalapeno Hotz (hint: spring for the $1 toasted pretzel roll upgrade; and if you're like me, you'll also want to pour more gas on this oral fire by tacking on kraut, sauteed onions and green peppers and that excellent, spicy brown Cleveland Stadium mustard).

But my pig-out had just begun. Every Tuesday at the park is buck-a-bone night, and the City BBQ ribs were especially good last night--and a terrific bargain. Also pictured are (priced at $3 each) baked beans (not as chunky with brisket as they are in stores) and slaw (nice--vinegary/sweet). Not shown: enough Leinenkugels to lead to the the shame-spiral-inducing next "course".

These funnel cake fries are like crack--order at your own peril.

The game--and "hang"--were lots of fun, and I got to see our musically named budding star (he'll probably be an Indian soon), Carlos Santana--he hits the holy crap outta the ball. All highly recommended.

BTW, the Clips won in extra innings, but by then, I was at home contentedly patting my pork-distended gut while drowsily sprawled across my put-your-feet-up easy chair. See you at the old ballgame soon.