Record Store Day in Columbus: Ben Folds, big shows and sales galore

Staff Writer
Columbus Alive

After popping up in 2007, Record Store Day is quickly becoming an anticipated annual event, at least in Columbus. This year the city's top shops have a pretty cool slate of entertainment scheduled for Saturday, April 17. Plenty of discounts and all sorts of limited edition products will be available, and one location will have an honest-to-God celebrity on hand.

Magnolia Thunderpussy, 1155 N. High St., scored the biggest coup of the day by securing the services of Ben Folds. He'll be working behind the counter as a record clerk from 1-2:30 p.m. at the Short North shop. They also have a solid lineup of local bands performing, starting with Karate Coyote at 1 p.m. and continuing with Hurt People Hurt People, Scattered Needles, Altered States of the United Snakes, Christ, The Metagame, Exwhites, Deprecator and Kingpin.

Used Kids, 1980 N. High St., is bringing in lots of cool musical acts as well. Their slate starts with Arlo and the Otter at Noon, followed by Time & Temperature, A Thousand Arrows, Biff Boff Barf, Rag Rag, Bird & Flower, Super Desserts, Moon High, Fey Gods, Raven, Scattered Needles, Savage Pinkos, The Unholy 2, Necropolis and Envelope.

(Side note: I don't know who Scattered Needles are, but I guess I better find out because they're playing at both Mags and Used Kids.)

Other shops such as Lost Weekend, 2960 N. High St., and Evil Empire, 1194 N. High St. (inside What the Rock?!), have big sales too, as do pretty much every other independent seller in town.