Lunch Break Links: South Park censorship scuffle

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Columbus Alive

After the creators of "South Park" were "warned" by a radical Muslim group, last night's episode was heavily censored by Comedy Central.

Good to see Maura Tierney is healthy and back to acting.

I'm intrigued by Slate's look at bicycle culture in China and why the fixed-gear fad hasn't caught on there.

Was Coachella really "an overcrowded mess"?

It's no surprise that Barack Obama loves "Treme".

AV Club interviews Christopher Mintz-Plasse of "Kick-Ass", who will forever be known as McLovin'.

The indie rock band Voxtrot is breaking up.

In honor of the late Guru, here is every Gang Starr video in chronological order.

The next AMC original series "The Killing" cast a former "Big Love" actress as its lead.

Finally, here's The xx's sneakily repetitive video for "Islands".