Oh, go ahead and play with your food, and Play Ball!, too, or, What I Ate: Kaya, plus the Celebrity Chef event

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Columbus Alive

Codfish and tofu in a sizzling chili broth

Dol Sot Bibimbap


I can't imagine a Korean mother ever needing to admonish her child NOT to play with his/her food. In fact playing with food seems to be the point of Korean cuisine, which may well be the "funnest" ethnic eats out there. This hands on -- and all over -- approach goes into overdrive at a DIY Korean BBQ joint. The only one of these operations I know to exist locally is called Kaya, where I dined last night.

But Kaya is a fully functioning regulation Korean restaurant too-- not just a book 'em and cook 'em shop. Pictured above are some pretty standard Korean offerings, and Kaya did them all quite well. For a report on the "Q", see an upcoming Alive.

In other news, do you like dogs and cats and great food? Well it's shaping up to be a beautiful night for the Celebrity Chef event benefiting the Capital Area Humane Society at our beautiful Huntington Park (which bats 1.000 on my scorecard). See you at the old--actually pretty damn new-- ballpark!