Song of the Day: Justin Bieber

Staff Writer
Columbus Alive

Meet the biggest pop star in the world. He's a 16-year-old white kid from Canada who sounds like he's nine and got signed to Island-Def Jam at the behest of Usher and L.A. Reid. Now he's got Ludacris rhyming on this new single.

Did I mention he's Canadian?

So herein lies the lovely mystery of American pop music. There are a lot of groups I just absolutely hate, the ones whose rise to fame is so despicable because it's coupled with such awful music. Bieber is different, though.

His songs are good, not great. He's cute, but not that cute. Nothing about his marketing campaign is new, and his follow-up to debut album My World is titled simply My World 2.0. There's no reason to hate because it's just too odd, too random, too harmless.

How did this kid start taking over the world? Who knows. At least "Baby" is dec...