Lunch Break Links: Insane M.I.A. video

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Columbus Alive

The NSFW video for M.I.A.'s new punk song "Born Free" is a bit too rich to post here. Watch if you dare, or just listen. By the way, she took over Pitchfork's Twitter account for the day, and her new album tracklist just dropped.

A new Sun Kill Moon album? Hell yeah I'm ready for one.

It must be pretty weird to see Bret Michaels livin' it up on TV knowing that in real life he is in critical condition.

The New York Times introduces us to Irving Azoff, the man behind Live Nation.

Slate has a brief history of women giving birth in movies.

Since there's no new "Lost" this week, you'll have to suffice with a new Doc Jensen column. Or what about Jezebel's "Lost" character map?

Joni Mitchell says everything we know about Bob Dylan is "a deception."

After doing an all-Madonna episode last week, "Glee" is considering an all-Britney episode.

Check out Conan's pretty awesome, gracious prom rejection letter from 2003.

Lastly, wanna see how MGMT did on SNL? Not exactly "Kids", is it?