Local Love: Kreg & Dez "Stupid Fruity Hookah"

Staff Writer
Columbus Alive

I can't front: I had never heard of Kreg & Dez until Wes Flexner started hyping their hot new single on Donewaiting yesterday. (Apparently they host a radio show affiliated with the Kingsrowe empire.) But hot damn, that single is certainly hot, so allow me to fill in those of you who aren't already going nuts about the track on Twitter.

Over a minimal slow groove, a spooky ascending string sample and some disorienting backwards sounds, the MCs deliver a laid-back tale of smoking at the shisha bar and picking up women — your woman, specifically. "Stupid fruity hookah got me jumpin' in your lady." The rapping is just lazy and swagged out enough to offset the serious-sounding production and make this the summer jam you didn't know you were looking for. Damn, damn, damn indeed.

MP3: Kreg & Dez - "Stupid Fruity Hookah"