Lunch Break Links: Sayonara, Lala

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Columbus Alive

I am very disappointed that Lala, my favorite online music streaming service, is shutting down. But maybe Apple is planning a similar service under the iTunes brand?

The Dead Weather's new album, "Sea of Cowards", is streaming at the band's site and the Third Man Records site.

The Awl's long-winded look at sexuality through the songs of Rivers Cuomo is a stimulating read. So is the site's look at Don Draper, the fictional anti-hero of "Mad Men".

"Lost" built all new sets for the series finale, and the producers promise the ending will be left up to audience interpretation.

RZA and GZA are at work on "Liquid Swords 2".

Life Magazine has some amazing photographs from Studio 54.

AV Club has an interview with the great Michael Caine.

They also revisit the best songs with the worst lyrics.

Slate plots to save Blockbuster Video and sings the praises of the censored "South Park" Mohammed episodes.

Quite the cast getting rounded up for the "Smurfs" movie.

The dudes behind "Aqua Teen Hunger Force" talked to Paste about the upcoming tour.

The New York Times has a preview of Conan O'Brien's "60 Minutes" interview.

We wrap with Delorean performing "Glow" for Pitchfork TV's "Tunnelvision" series. The Italian Phoenix?