To Market To Market, and, The Hills Have (Tiki God) Eyes

Staff Writer
Columbus Alive

Saturday looks like a boon to high quality shopping hounds, thoroughbred race horses and floral-shirted party animals. Starting off the fun is the return of the brilliant Market to Market event, wherein participants eat breakfast at either the North Market or the Hills Market and then jump on their two-wheeled roadhogs (i.e.bikes) to trek en masse along the scenic Olentangy bike trail to the other market. Along the way, there'll be entertainment stops and food diversions, too. Afterward, cyclists will be endowed with a goodie bag worth about $50.

This, not uncoincidentally, coincides with the opening of the locavore-tacular North Market's fabulous Farmer's Market (I rather enjoyed typing that odd and oddly redundant sentence, but then I'm easily amused).

After watching the most exciting two minutes in sports (that's the Kentucky Derby) you can then get lei-ed at the Hills Market as it celebrates everybody's favorite defunct Polynesian restaurant by hosting Kahiki Night!

Don't be surprised to see me huffing and puffing on a bike that day followed by my huffing and puffing smoke from a wacky Tiki God cocktail.