Lunch Break Links: Scandals galore

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Columbus Alive

Did you catch Conan O'Brien's "60 Minutes" interview? If not, you can watch the whole thing here. EW liked it. The Hollywood Reporter not so much.

Embattled director Roman Polanski released a statement about his Swiss arrest and pending extradition back to Los Angeles.

Speaking of sex crimes, the Catholic Church cover-up scandal is getting its own version of "All the President's Men".

And speaking of scandal in general, apparently there's a big alt-comedy plagiarism hoo hah going down.

One more newsy pop culture tidbit: Shakira has become an activist over Arizona's proposed immigration law.

Slate explains why we root for underdogs and goes behind the scenes of the tightrope walk that is comedy in political speechwriting.

Two new Wolf Parade songs? Why yes, thank you.

People can't seem to agree whether it would be a good idea for Steve Carell to leave "The Office".

Pitchfork has an oral history of the great Galaxie 500.

Speaking of Pitchfork, as someone who obviously reads it a lot and grew up reading it, I have been greatly enjoying the highly meta blog known as Pitchfork Reviews Reviews, in which some music geek analyzes Pitchfork's daily album reviews and pontificates on the way we consume music. He cares way too much about the site, but then again I'm still eager to hear anything that gets a "Best New Music" tag, so...

We conclude with the video for the first song I've heard by the much-hyped Avi Buffalo, "What's It In For". Watch out for those flying jellyfish.