Paella Party

Staff Writer
Columbus Alive

Paella At Your Place makes having a dinner party with 25 attendees easy. And that sure comes in handy when, like my sister who lives in Cincinnati, you're boxing up your life and selling your house.

As you can see, she brilliantly just let the party come to her...the appetizers, desserts, the whole shebang were purchased elsewhere. Lest you think this must cost an arm and another appendage, PAYP allows you to customize your paella--with prices starting at an unwhopping $10/person (sis paid more for the seafood version). Of course this cost doesn't include the pecuniary damage incurred if, as in my overly generous sister's case, you misguidedly invited a gaggle of ravenous sots intent on ingesting twice their weight in expensive wine.

So how was the paella? Pretty good, though I'd prefer more saffron and real Spanish sausage. But for the convenience and price--which in effect included entertainment (watching the PAYP guy sweat over our supper and then have to dish it up to a loud and rowdy crowd) this was a steal. BTW, the PAYP dude does the clean-up, too!